Once upon a time,

there was agirlcalledB.


She’s a little bit country, a little bit gypsy & everything in between.

I was always a “wild & creative little gypsy soul”, as my encouraging parents so endearingly reminisced; covered head-to-toe in dust or glitter. Born & raised as an Akubra-wearing, Shetland-riding, muddy-puddle-jumping & Hills-Hoist-swinging little bush-brat in the lush green of the Yarra Valley in Victoria, Australia.

One thing lead to another & I found myself living on a 5000 acre Cattle, Sheep & Cropping farm just beyond the black stump of Geelong (AUS). It is there that I discovered my affinity for photography & my passion for sharing the world through my eyes was born. I started saturating social media with a kaleidoscope of my “happy feels & country vibes” (& no-filter F-bombs!)

Having grown up with an infatuation for everything 4-legged & ‘cowgirl’, it was written in the stars (all 50 of them) that I would find myself engrained in the rodeo scene (in more ways than one!) So, it came as no surprise, that after several ‘self-discovery’ journeys to America – photographing phenomenal ‘Wild-West’ scenes – I came home with the most extraordinary souvenir imaginable… My very own, absolutely gorgeous, salt-of-the-earth Bullrider from Arizona, USA (& the stunning, antique ring he put on my left hand!)

An Australian Country Girl & American Cowboy love story.

Inspired by this amalgamation of The Southern Cross with Stars & Stripes, my signature ‘earthy cowboy tones’ evolved. I am now blazingly invested in capturing the soul of a moment & meticulously crafting each image with these signature ‘B’ vibes. Each one designed to remind us that from the Outback to the sea; the mountains to the country; our universal language is dust & photography!

Albeit, they are more than just photos; they are a visual time capsule. Photography is a lifetime investment in preserving your memories. Do you remember our Grandparents having photos proudly displayed around their home? How they could look through albums with fond nostalgia & be transported back to that exact moment? A simple image has the power to evoke raw emotion & can be passed down through generations.

“The sooner we realise that we will never live the same moment twice; is the sooner we will cherish each moment in our life.” –B.

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