Once upon a time,

there was agirlcalledB.

She’s a little bit country,
a whole lotta’ gypsy
& everything in between.

I was always a “wild & creative soul”, as my encouraging parents so endearingly reminisce; covered head-to-toe in dust or glitter. Born & raised as a cowboy-hat-wearing, pony-riding, muddy-puddle-jumping, barefoot little bush-brat amongst the mountain ranges of Yarra Valley in Australia.

One thing lead to another & in my late 20’s, I found myself living on a 5000 acre Cattle, Sheep & Cropping property in rural Victoria. It was here that I discovered my affinity for photography & my passion for sharing the world through my eyes was born. I started saturating social media with a kaleidoscope of my “happy feels & country vibes”. Each photo designed to remind us that from the Outback to the sea; the mountains to the country; our universal language is photography (& dirt)! Those vibes quickly attracted my tribe & an extraordinary audience began to grow, showing so much support & finding relatable joy in my visual-ramblings.

Having grown up with an infatuation for everything 4-legged & ‘cowgirl’, it was written in the stars – all 50 of them – that I would find myself engrained in the Western scene (in more ways than one!) So it came as no surprise that after several ‘self-discovery’ journeys to America – I came home with the most extraordinary souvenir imaginable… My very own, absolutely gorgeous, salt-of-the-earth Cowboy from Oklahoma, USA (& the stunning, antique ring he put on my left hand!)

An Australian Country Girl & American Cowboy love story.

After a severe bull riding accident landed my fiancé in hospital, we realised that tomorrow is never promised & eloped in Arizona on 26th October 2019. ‘Twas the day before I flew back to Australia & we haven’t held each other since.
All plans of creatively announcing our incredible news, were obliterated as the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic launched the World into a kaleidoscope of chaos. Like so many others, our plans of reuniting were eclipsed. The borders closed around us. We suddenly found ourselves exercising ‘social distancing’ from 12,874,752 metres away… indefinitely!
Talk about some cowboy grit & sticking together through thick or thin. YEEHA!
So, the next chapter in this story is postponed – until I embark on a new journey to USA & start growing roots where I’ve found home. After all, “Home isn’t always a place. Sometimes it has 2 eyes & a heartbeat!”


My style is born from Australian roots & inspired by American chutes. It’s Down Under infused with the Wild West. Because, that’s what I know. That’s what’s in my soul. It’s what’s in my heart. It’s me! I have a candid approach to capture an authenticity within each image. Real moments, cant’ be faked.
We NEVER live the same moment twice. Because of this, I like to photograph moments more than ‘things’. Moments that are speckled with Western vibes. My upbringing & love of everything country (horses, cattle, dogs, old souls, rugged scenery, worn leather, rusty fences) is what influences my signature ‘earthy cowboy tones’.


  • I have been fortunate to have shot multiple Rodeos in Australia, which very quickly taught me about shutter speeds to freeze action.
  • I have shot In-Situ product photography for Australian brands Akubra, Wrangler AU & Kader Boots with media personality Jillaroo Jess.
  • I am grateful that my little brother entrusted me to capture his phenomenal wedding day in Bali &
  • I have had the honour of creating wonderful memories with people who’ve booked my Soulshoot sessions in Australia & America; from an R&B Singer in Arizona, to young rural families, beautiful horsewomen (Lancefield Bloodstock), a surprise proposal & many 4-legged companions!

I believe that photography is something that I will continue developing for the rest of my life. With so much wisdom to gain, I want to start filling that jar with fireflies of knowledge & endeavour to learn alongside phenomenal, seasoned photographers to fuel that fire.


I thirst for the “in-betweens”; the magic that happens all around, not just in the frame of action. The wise couple with their hands entwined amongst the crowd. The weathered cowboys kneeling down to pray behind the chutes. The angle that feels like a vascular bucking bronc is soaring over the lens. The unspeakable bond between a girl & her horse. The herd of roaming cattle kicking up dust that sparkles in the sun like an interstellar nebula.

My goal is to continue developing a personal style that is unapologetically, me! To stand out. To let my work tell a story, speak for itself & be identifiable through the ages eg. “I’d know that photo anywhere, it’s by B!” My goal is to be a “Wrangler of Moments”, more than a technically flawless Photographer. To be brave enough to challenge my imagination & create beautiful sh*t!


In closing, photography evokes emotions & preserves memories. When our memory may fail us, photos remain true. I remember my Grandparents having photos proudly displayed around their home. How they could look through albums with fond nostalgia & be transported back to that exact moment. I feel that is my legacy, my purpose. To help capture those moments for people to cherish for life. Because if we don’t use our skills, pass down our passions, our ‘je ne sais quoi’, to shine a little ray of sunshine on those around us, why are we really here?

“The sooner we realise that we will never live the same moment twice; is the sooner we will cherish each moment in our life.” –B.

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