2020 said, “Hold my Beer!”

2020 said, “Hold my Beer!”

This time, last year, I posted: “2019 thus far, has been one of the most challenging & rewarding years of my life…” Then 2020 said, “Hold my beer!”

On the 26th May 2019. I was 3 weeks away from squeezing my big butt into the tiny seat of a giant metal bird. To where? USA. Why? Reuniting with my Cowboy, after almost 6 months apart.

Jebusfishsauce! In that moment, it seemed like the lonnnnnnggesstttt time apart. Bugger me, were we wrong! All plans were obliterated as the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic launched the World into a kaleidoscope of chaos.

Like so many others, our hopes of reuniting were eclipsed. The borders closed around us. We suddenly found ourselves exercising ‘social distancing’ from 12,874,752 metres away… indefinitely! 6 months seems like a tiny drop in the ocean now!

So, let’s take a moment to reflect. Gain a little perspective from our past, to positively influence our future:

Where were you, this time, last year? Are you closer to your dreams? Did the Global Pandemic set fire to all your plans? Are you making excuses? Or are you making a comeback? What will you take from the world being turned upside down, to carry you through the rest of your life?

Are you more grateful for the little things? Do you now treasure the ordinary moments in the every days? The moments that happen behind the scenes & between the frames? Will you let change be your destroyer or your maker?

Are you ready to take life by the balls & make it yo’ bish? Heck, I sure as shit am! You know why? Because time doesn’t stop.

Read that again. TIME DOESN’T STOP!

The sun will rise & set. The calendar will change. The days will pass. Yup! The clock keeps ticking with or without us. It’s our choice to saddle up & go along for the ride, or sit in the corner being a grumpy attitude-waffle about all the shit that went wrong over the past few months.

So, throw a tanty, have a cry, be angry, process your emotions. You owe yourself that much. But end of the day, pick yourself up & remember. “This too, shall pass.”

– B.

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