CHAPTER 4 – Kickin’ Up Dust Feature Story – Issue #10

CHAPTER 4 – Kickin’ Up Dust Feature Story – Issue #10

“They found love in the dust of Arizona’s bucking chutes. It grew like wildflowers with Australian roots.” – B.

// CHAPTER IV // … & just like that, it’s been a year! A year since I crawled onto a plane & was reunited with my gorgeous cowboy after 18 months apart. A year of finally being able to celebrate life together. A year of experiencing holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays, wins & anniversaries.  A year of living abroad in the Wild West! A year of… absolute ordinary normality. 

What a bloody fairytale. Right? 

Well, every fairytale has it’s villain & mine is “LANGUISHING!” Yup. Word of the day. That trashy son of a bisshhhhh. 




• failing to make progress or be successful

• languishing is a sense of stagnation

• apathy, a sense of restlessness or feeling unsettled 

If you’re like me, then the recent apocalyptic few years has offered a perpetual feeling of being blah & like you’re just drifting along & muddling through the motions of life. 

It’s hard to explain. But you can be genuinely happy, positive & grateful for what you have, but still be completely unsatisfied & like there’s just something NQR. It’s a vacuum for my mojo!

I find myself uninterested in my passions, uninspired & I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing. I have no clue what I want to do either, all I know is that it’s not whatever I am doing now. 

I sit here in our retro 5th-wheel with Oscar-Puppy for the whole weekend whilst Kyle is in Vegas playing American Football & enjoying the spoils of winning their Silver State Championship.

(Let’s take a moment to appreciate that I got to watch that perfect Wrangler tooshie on TV, whaaat?!) He played phenomenal. The man is a FREAK! He has more athletic talent in his big toe than I have in my entire body. I’m so proud & happy for my human. 

But I can’t help wonder, how did I become this person? 

How the hell am I stuck at home, working, doing absolutely nothing exciting with my life? Why am I not in Vegas, enjoying the ludicrous glitz & glam of NFR that just happens to be on at the same time. Now, right now! Cowboy Christmas. Whyyyyyy?!

It’s a daunting realization – & a powerful one – to call yourself out & be like “Hey! This is not what you want for your life. You’re not some stay at home rodeo or football WAG. Check yourself!” 

I long to be traveling. To be roaming the country, the world! To be living outside my comfort. To be inspired. To be full of energy & passion & thriving in chaos. To be… me!

I just want my spark back!

So, we booked a photoshoot & I rented a stunning, amazing, big-ass, shiny AF dress that made me feel like the sun so I could motherfudging SPARKLE, boi! 

… & of course, my handsome, wonderful, supportive dreamboat embraced the ride to help me feel less ‘languishy’!

Thus, we present you with the accompanying photos. A visual reminder that in the end we all become just a story, so make it a picture book & fill it with amazing photos of amazing people & moments & memories that fuel the fire in your soul. 

Have you been stuck in the languishing rut?

Psychologist, Adam Grant, released a phenomenal TED Talks about slaying the languishing dragon! For reals, check it out.

All you need is flow or momentum! Getting into a state of flow just requires 3 things – mastery, mindfulness & meaning. 

Apparently passive activities like binge-watching Yellowstone won’t get you into a flow (boo!) Instead, you need to actively participate in the world around you & the possibilities are endless.

So, I wanted to share 3 ways to find purpose (especially when you’re not motivated, like little ol’ me!)

1. Master & celebrate your small tasks & wins.

Making progress can help you feel like you’re moving forward. 

2. Immerse yourself in what you’re doing.

Put down your phone & focus your full attention on a task or activity. 

3. Remember this: You matter!

Connect with other people to help you see how you make a difference to them. 

Let’s immerse ourselves in 2022, rediscover our flow & gosh darn it, glow up & shine again.

LIFE TRUTHS // by B. @agirlcalledB

Special thanks to Destiny Morel Photography & entourage for the magic of our photos: Brian Morel, Heather Colvin, Payten Colvin, Scott Colvin, Sara Nicolai, Jude Nicolai + Noche & Murphy (horses)

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