Climbing cliffs & cowboy boots

Climbing cliffs & cowboy boots

Yesterday, I did a thing.I hiked a big motherf*%£in hill to the base of an absolutely bloody c*% of a path “Grotto Trailhead” (I use ‘path’ loosely, it’s actually more like, Satan Jizz!)

Had several epiphanies during my… ordeal:-

• I realised that I don’t particularly enjoy walking on a foot wide path, holding a chain, dangling off the side of a cliff at 1400 feet

• Cowboy boots shit all over hiking boots (when it’s not wet).

• Fit people are liars that lie! “It’s not far, you’re almost there!” “Just around the corner!” “An easy hike!” “Just a little bit of a climb!” LIARS! It was an extra MILE of bloody intense climbing!

• The view was absolutely bloody extraordinary & it was an amazing feeling to have achieved it… until I realised that I have to go back down…

• … you couldn’t pay me to do it again, ever, ever, just, ever!

• I highly recommend doing it, seriously, it’s worth it – unless you’ve got a phobia of heights – even if just once (like me)!


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