An Aussie, a Cowboy & a fluffy Landshark

An Aussie, a Cowboy & a fluffy Landshark

“How all the rodeo-folk look, waiting for lockdown to end! #rodeolife.”

Story behind these photos: Meatball (the rusty red rodeo wagon) had just broken down in Coalville, Utah. We had no bloody idea where that was at the time.

Being late on Friday & a small, country town, everything was closed until Monday! All the mechanics were shut. We were literally stuck.

But, would you guess? A big rodeo just happened to be on that night. In the middle of damn near nowhere! Seriously. What are the odds? We later discovered this was the annual “Summit County Fair & Rodeo!” @sagekimzey was even riding! We were so excited to go. An Aussie, a Cowboy & a fluffy Landshark (sounds like the start to a bad joke) braved the heat to trot up to the rodeo grounds. So flippin’ happy.

Alas, they wouldn’t let us in. Apparently Oscar is not a human! Unbeknown to me. It was summer. Hotter than hellfire. We had nowhere to safely leave him. We were sleeping in the car. So, as responsible dog parents, we returned to our busted ol’ Meatball – tail between our legs.

Thus, this is a legitimate photo, of a cowboy, who couldn’t go to the rodeo!


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