Puppy Birthdays & Happy Tails

Puppy Birthdays & Happy Tails

Happy 1st Birthday to the best little USA roadtrip buddy ever. (Your human comes in close second… *chuckles*) Absolutely adore these two – my gorgeous ‘Merican tribe.

Update: On Friday afternoon the clutch on our “meatball” (truck) gave out & we have been stuck in a small town called Coalville in Utah, USA until the mechanic opens on Monday. Alas, I cannot complain about being ‘stuck’ 45mins out of Salt Lake City, safe, happy & loved-up with my little family.

Life is bloody wonderful.


PS. Who else’s dog gets “HAPPY TAIL Syndrome”?

Happy Tail Syndrome is like a human spraining their face muscles from smiling too much! The happiest & most sad thing ever! It is basically a sports injury in a dog caused by excessive use. Apparently it can be a legitimate break from smacking against hard objects, or a sprain from just being too damn happy!

Oscar is a certified fluffy land shark. He is obsessed with water! He is so happy swimming, gulping & chasing bubbles ALL DAY, that he sprains his tail from too much wagging & using it like a rudder when he swims. Yup! It’s a thing. Luckily he goes from limp tail to wagging in a matter of days. But scared the baloney out of his humans when it happened, as it looks like they’ve injured their back.

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