Perfectly Cooked Chickie Nuggies

Perfectly Cooked Chickie Nuggies

They say you cross paths with your soulmate many times but only once is a spark ignited. That they tend to re-appear at a pivotal or challenging time in your life. That no matter the timing, location or circumstances, they become a magnet. Even from Worlds apart you suddenly keep pulling together & from this moment, a sense of wholeness surrounds you when you are with them. They feel like home. Like perfectly cooked chickie nuggies.

This bloody beautiful-cliche-crap is so damn true in our crazy tale.

Ergo, our first (totz’ classy) photos together. Photos we didn’t know existed for years, because we were just strangers at a bar with a mutual friend. Seemed so inconsequential.

This was my first trip to USA in 2017. We crossed paths many times in that short space. At several bull riding jackpots & a rodeo in Nevada where the casino had two timezones! (He was number 123. Yup! Creepy McCreepface over here with the camera! What? I thought he was gorgeous!) But, that’s all she wrote!

Over the next few seasons we lived separate lives in our parallel countries & learned some bloody hard lessons. Crikey did we each go through a shit of a time!

Until one day, I guess the universe subtly hinted, “Woah there, Cowboy. You’ve fought enough battles alone. It’s time to find your ‘Ride or Die’ (& some pie!) Little did I know, he had already found her! The Aussie he met all those moons ago. He even had my @thedustytribe cattle tag on his keys. A constant reminder of me. *niggles*

So, the Viking-Cowboy that I thought was gone with the wind FINALLY sent me a message… a bloody year later!

The rest is history! The end.

Scratch that…THE BEGINNING!


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