Rescue Attitude Waffles

Rescue Attitude Waffles

Over a year ago I said farewell to my first love, ‘Midget!’ This was one of our last photos together after almost 2 decades of companionship. Midge’ was an OTT (Off The Track) Racehorse that was left for skin & bones when his racing career finished. Mum drove past the paddock one day & noticed his kind eyes; a window to their soul.

I was around 12yo when she surprised me with him. Boy did that hyper-active, hot little SOB teach me to ride! He was a proud, prancy, cheeky little attitude waffle, right through. Everyone loved him. Albeit, he wouldn’t let many people ride him.

For years we ate shit together. My diet was 50% dirt & 50% peaceful victories. I wouldn’t trade a moment of it. He took me through Pony Club (yeah, I started out English AF!) But, we loved Cross Country, which is basically a timed event jumping random shit in a big field! Breezing through wide open spaces on a racehorse is unforgettable… so is trying to clear the entire water jump every bloody time. I often went swimming. Totally planned. *cough*

So, if you ever get a chance, rescue a horse. Feed him. Water him. Teach him to trust again. From the ground up, let him teach you! It is one of the most rewarding, testing & fulfilling things you’ll ever do. That once in a lifetime “challenge horse” will teach you more about yourself, than you would ever know.

📸 Photos by Mumma-B..


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