USA Recap 2017

USA Recap 2017

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, bloody legends

It’s 12:50am Monday 29th October AEDT & officially a year since my hyper, sarcastic, Aussie-ass got on a plane for USA. I walked out of LAX airport, with my Akubra & backpack thinking, “What the bloody Tom, Dick & Harry have I got myself into?!”

But by crikey it was a hell of a ride & there’s not a day that goes by, that I don’t dream of being back under the American sky.

Nevada to Texas, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, & LA.

Broken down buses on Halloween Eve & everyone making me say “G’day!”

Wal-Mart adventures to buy ammo & shooting AK’s at stolen pumpkins like a little shit.

Marinating with Canadians, learning to two-step & falling for a cowboy at Buffalo Chip.

Getting bogged in the snow in a hire car at 2am with no reception or idea.

Climbing canyons, falling off cliffs, choking on Fireball & facing my Coyote fear.

Vegas. Um. Next…The best turkey sammich I’ve ever tasted in my life, that’s like Christmas in my face, without a word of a lie.

Tex-Mex & so much ‘meat’, one of all God’s creatures grilled on a plate.

Teaching everyone that “bloody wanker” is just another word for ‘mate!’

Rodeos, a few more rodeos & would you know, another rodeo.

Left hand driving just blowing my mind & riding rumble strips several miles at a time.

Constantly laughing until I couldn’t breathe & my eyes sprung a leak.

Honky tonk, country music & red solo cups full of beer that is so bloody weak.

Discovered Fried Pies, American Candy, Waffles with craters the size of my face.

& what the bloody hell is with potatoes at breakfast, my ass is already the size of space!

So much more that I could say, but I’ll save it for another day.

To my ‘Merican tribe, hand on my heart, I appreciate you all so bloody much.

I can’t wait to see you gorgeous crumpets again soon. As for the exact date (it’s exciting) y’all better stay tuned.

*squish hugs*

Your favourite idiot

– B.

PS. You bloody beauties are stuck with me now (poor buggers).


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