2020 ‘Just One Drop’ Charity Calendar

Just One Drop is a non-profit association committed to raising funds for farmers affected by drought along the Murray Darling Basin, and other drought affected areas.


Last year I donated some time to help collaborate with the wonderful humans behind ‘Just One Drop’ for their 2020 charity calendars.

Together, we created a bloody awesome ‘Blokes of The Basin’ & ‘Murray Darlings’ his & hers edition, designed to get much needed funds to our farmers.

Kudos to Tilly & the Tribe for working tirelessly to promote this cause & #starttheripple.

2020 calendar designed by agirlcalledB. Photography by Emily Skelton.

Featuring REAL men & women supporting true-blue Australian Farmers.

Blokes of the Basin

Murray Darlings

100% of all proceeds go to this cause

Want to be involved next year? Contact Just One Drop to express you interest & find out how.