‘Just One Drop’ 2021 Charity Calendar

Just One Drop are a not-for-profit association founded in 2019. They’re dedicated to raising funds to buy Australian Farmers emergency water with a focus on those along the Murray Darling Basin.

Part of this bloody brilliant initiative are the annual ‘his & hers’ Calendars:

Blokes of The Basin’ & ‘Murray Darlings’.


‘Just One Drop’ can start a ripple of change. #startyourripple with their 2021 calendars!

2021 Murray Darlings

2021 Blokes of the Basin

100% of all proceeds go to this cause

Keen to be involved next year? Contact ‘Just One Drop’ to express your interest & find out how.


‘Just One Drop’ 2020 Charity Calendar Archive

I was fortunate enough to volunteer more time in 2019, to collaborate with the tribe behind ‘Just One Drop’ for their 2020 charity calendars.

It was an incredible success!

Huge kudos to Tilly, Chantelle & the team for all their hard work in raising funds for our Farmers. Recap below.

2020 calendar designed by agirlcalledB. Photography by Emily Skelton.

Blokes of the Basin 2020

Murray Darlings 2020