“Can I just print screen & share it for free?”

Bloody oath!

NB: Most photographers will not allow this so please respect their rules as it’s illegal without permission.

So why do I? Well, I take so much pride in my work – just like you do riding bulls, broncs, roping, wrestling & bolting around barrels – that I want the world to see it.


Share, share, share & share some more!


Please ensure you give full photo cred to B. Small business is a tough gig & the more “word of mouth” advertising I can muster, the better. Help me get my name out there & I’ll help you look mint! Be sure to tag me on Instagram, Facebook, whatever platform you’re using & give a little shout out when having a yarn to mates; AMP IT UP!


When you’re ready, have won a few rodeos & the cash is burning a hole in your pocket, just remember…

… there’s a whole different level of awesomeness awaiting you, when you decide to step it up a notch & purchase the high resolution image, enlarged print or canvas (without the dirty watermark)… Don’t believe me?

Check out the comparisons below of how much more phenomenal you look in the high res versions, after I’ve applied my signature vibes!


We are a DUSTY TRIBE in the rodeo community; be a legend!


“How much do photos cost?”

To show my appreciation for the incredible athletes, I’m offering 50% off digital prints for a limited time only. 

You are purchasing a moment frozen in time with an original image carefully crafted by B.

HIGH RES (print quality)


(RRP: $50 per photos! That’s better than half price, YAY!)


  • HIGH RESOLUTION digital download of your selected photo.
  • Meticulously edited in the signature B style.
  • Suitable for: printing, canvases, commercial applications etc.


  • + LOW RESOLUTION digital download of ALL your photos.
  • Suitable for: sharing on social media, not suitable for print.


It’s a trap? No, no it’s not! Let’s have each other’s back! Just pleeeaasssee mention me when sharing my work, as I aim to deliver them with NO watermarks, because – let’s admit it – they are just ugglllyyy!

End of the day, I understand that not everyone can afford to purchase individual photos & they’d just like to share the low-res love. So, let’s do it! The ‘word-of-mouth’ advertising I gain, is worth more than charging you for low res images!


So, please feel free to print screen & share BUT if you do, be a legend about it. Tag me,


If you would like more than digital downloads, please contact me – I would love to have a chat.

100% AUSTRALIAN MADE & PRINTED images, canvases & more are available upon request.

Below pricing is exclusive of postage.


“How do I order photos?”

A fancy little proofing system is in the making, YAY! In the meantime, please take note of the photo you’re after & send me a message on the contact link, Facebook, Instagram, email, mobile 0430 741 998 or carrier pigeon.

If you’re ready to order your high resolution image, enlarged print or canvas (without the dirty watermark), or would like to enquire about a personal photoshoot, please contact me.