Barnard Tribe by B

Barnard Tribe by B

SURPRISE PROPOSAL SOULSHOOT | Warrandyte, Victoria, Australia.

Words cannot describe how phenomenal this experience was. I am so humbled to have been trusted to capture these moments. What started as an equine soulshoot, evolved into a 12 week baby announcement & suddenly, turned into the most heartwarming moment ever. Did I cry? Yes, Yes I sure bloody did.

Fast forward a few hundred photos into the soulshoot…

Liam turned to me, a twinkle in his eye & casually asked if we could take some photos in the front paddock. The place where they shared their first kiss. There was something astute & important about his stare, & my intuition set off every alarm in my body. I just knew what was about to happen. Victoria was so wonderfully oblivious to the fate that was awaiting her.

The sun was slowly setting behind intense storm clouds, rolling in over the Valley. I followed the duo as they walked, hand in hand down the rustic alleyway. Horse & puppy joyfully in toe. Such a beautiful couple. I quickly fiddled with my camera settings to make sure it was ready for anything & kept my distance so as not to disturb the incredible moment that was about to unfold.

I think I had already started tearing up, by the time he had got down on one knee. The scene was flawless. Beautiful Australian gums towering over a rolling gully. Sun filtering through the leaves, casting a romantic shadow upon what I now fondly know as the ‘Barnard Tribe.’

It was extraordinary. The love the radiated from Vic’ & Liam,was explosive.

I can only imagine the emotions they were both going through at this stage. Even I was overcome with love & happiness for such a charismatic couple. I can’t even write the rest of this without bursting into happy tears again, so I’ll let the photos tell the story. I BLOODY LOVE LOVE. – B.

PS. To be noted, H (feature furry-ring-helper), decided that she was also being proposed to & legged it with the ring box thereafter. Bless dogs!

“I look at you & see the rest of my life in front of my eyes.” – Unknown.

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