*FEATURE | Bunyip Rodeo 2020

*FEATURE | Bunyip Rodeo 2020

RODEOCHUTES | Bunyip, Victoria, Australia.

Feat: Woodall Rodeo Promotions.

My first rodeo back for 2020! *happy squeaks*

NB: Learning experience as a Canon-junkie. Discovered that my Canon 5D MK III is a bit of a jerk for rodeo! I am so bloody grateful that I kept old faithful 7D MK II as a second body, because that little bad boy crop sensor is soooooo much more RELIABLE & SONIC SPEED on the trigger. It doesn’t miss a beat! (Never thought I’d say that!) But that pesky 5D…*throws shade at it* She kept delaying on high speed shooting & denied me many a rank shot! GET IN THE NAUGHTY CORNER, young lass. You & I need to have a few words when I’m not so salty. (You are officially banned to portraits only, because you’re a doll for that!)

//If you know any of the legends featured, please tag them in a comment//

Cheers, B.

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