*FEATURE | Merrijig Rodeo 2019

*FEATURE | Merrijig Rodeo 2019

RODEOCHUTES Merrijigg, Victoria, Australia.

Took my folks to their first rodeo! I know, I know. How have they not been?Albeit, they can officially now say, “This ain’t my first rodeo!”

Here’s a little collection of some of my fav yeehaw moments. There was an official photographer there, so I just had myself a little bit of sunset fun.

Credit to the phenomenal riders, sponsors, organisers, hoard of volunteers, stock contractors & rodeo company for making this brilliant, long weekend event happen.

//Please tag the legends in my feature photos & feel free to share the loves; just be a gem & give me some cred to the crazy crumpet behind the camo lens//

Cheers, B.

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