*FEATURE | Tombstone Bull Riding 2021, Arizona USA

*FEATURE | Tombstone Bull Riding 2021, Arizona USA

RODEOCHUTES Tombstone, Arizona, USA.

Cheers to Shoot Out Arena for a bloody rippa bull riding over the weekend. Robby, Kati & the crew have done a phenomenal job wrangling this event together.Got a few cheeky snaps for some collab projects & ended up with a couple hundred more… oops!

What can I say? Nothing beats the Arizona sun filtering through plumes of dust, with remnants of yesteryear scattered across the horizon. Bucking bulls, the clang of spurs & cowboy sh*t everywhere! Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday & the rest of the Ol’ West woulda’ been proud!

B 🦘

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